Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Experience Studying At UniSim

It has been a long journey and frankly I struggled with it. But here is some tips that I learnt from it along the way. For people who don't know what Unisim is it is basically a school where you can get a degree and work at the same time. So that's what I did until I couldn't than I went into working part time and studying part time.

To watch the video click on the picture below :)

Here is a list of the things that I covered in the video and another tip not covered in the video.

1) Independence basically you won't have anyone calling you up if you missed a lecture or didn't come for classes in a week. It is all up to you whether you want to go for classes or not.

2) Put everything in a planner especially if you have multiple deadlines. You don't want to miss a deadline. Trust me you don't.

3) Grab opportunity to study in groups. Sometimes you got to discuss and bounce ideas off people. So why not make studying less lonely and go for group study sessions?

4) Ask the right questions. Got a question just ask and ask and ask. Your lecturer is paid to make sure you learn so take advantage of it. Email him/her, SMS him/her and if it is permitted call him/her.

5) Keep past year stuff may need to refer back. Don't throw it out just because you passed it. You may need it and kick yourself later for tossing it out.

6) Don't be afraid to fail. Failure is always an option. You can always resit for the exam no worries.

7) If working need to arrange with boss for study leave, leave on time... Having a good working relationship with the boss is so so important.

8) What are willing to sacrifice grades or career? Hard to have both. Struggled with this not gonna lie. Maybe posting up a video addressing this in greater detail? It is kind of personal but we shall see shall we?

9) Say no. Not exactly in my video but saying no to certain things in work is pretty important some times you just have to put your priorities straight to choose study over work. Or work over study.

10) Make time for me time. Light some candles play some music. Whatever it takes to just destress and no don't take a text book to read in the bath tub. Me time is strictly just Me time no textbooks allowed.

11) Find the right place to study. Study wherever rocks your boat. I have studied in parks, beaches, homes, cafes, schools everywhere just so long as you can focus that's great!

That's all the stuff I can think of.

If you are keen on studying at Unisim they have an open house on 15 August.
Click here for more information: UniSim Openhouse

If you have any comments and other experiences to share you know where to reach me!


Monday, August 10, 2015

Shop at Zalora Trend Report

Overwhelmed by the number of fashion trends out there? No worries Zalora has come up with a Trend Report page based on the latest trends and latest looks they collated it according to various categories. More than 10! If I were to cover ALL the categories of trends it would be a SUPER long post. So what I have done is give you a glimpse into some of the trends I find interesting and you can go check it out yourself there will be a link provided down below.

Some of their trends have like 300 over items so spoilt for choice! And the price range is also reasonable like SGD9.80 for a Valentine's Day card. And no it's not some generic Valentine's Day card ok? Trust me later I will post a picture of it. But I digress I was talking about price range from SGD9.80 for a card to SGD41.90 for a dress to SGD880 for a watch! So there is something for everyone. Let's start!
The first category is Daytime Glam and the first thing that caught my eye was this Too Faced Candy Glow Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush! So cute! And it has like three shades! And glitter too!

Too Faced Candy Glow Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush costs SGD42.00
Close up so pretty! You can go for princess look with this blush to warm up your cheeks for sweet innocent appeal.
The next item is this Jacquard Wrap Skirt Dress it has an interesting pattern and even has gold chains on it. Don't believe me you can check out the description of the dress.

You can totally play the role of classy but not conventional fashionista in this outfit pair with some beige pumps and you are good to go.

Jacquard Wrap Skirt Dress costs SGD41.90
When wearing the above dress please refrain from wearing too many chain accessories if not you look like you are trying too hard to look like Two Chains unless of course you wear the dress with something like this watch below.

The Pink Lock Face Wrap Watch yes your dress has a wrap skirt your watch is also wrap watch. Your dress has chains and your watch also has chains. You will be one well coordinated lady. And no please don't try and lock someone's face with this watch. Thank you. For whatever reason you don't like this unique colour for your watch you can also choose various other colours like white and black.

Pink Lock Face Wrap Watch costs SGD20.90
Close up you can see the watch face resembles a lock hence it's name. If guys are reading this post and you were unable to bring your girlfriend to Korea due to MERs to lock your love there. You can get this for your girlfriend and tell her that you are locking your love on her, on her wrist to be specific and you can do the whole Solvil Et Titus Time Is Love thing at a fraction of the price.

Next category is Spring Break this one has category for both women and men. I will run through both categories for you guys because I love my readers. And partly because I wanted to see what Zalora offers guys as well. Yes a little known fact about me is that I do check out the guys section even when shopping at the mall sometimes. 
 Moving on here is the women's section fronted by this model in swim wear.
I really liked this Inner Circle Crystal Snowflakes Top even the name is pretty. You can pair this with jeans just like the model for a nice balance between girly and tough. OR you can just go ALL OUT and be girly pairing this with a circle skirt. For me I would probably pair it with a denim skirt. Am I being a tough girl or am I being a girly girl? No one knows haha.

Inner Circle Crystal Snowflakes Top costs SGD34.90
This sandals is just so perfect for the beach or just simply wearing out to town. And besides its SG50 we have to pay homage to the National Choice of Footwear. Actually the National Choice of Footwear is the slipper. But sandal sounds so much more classy right?

Anyway even if wearing this involves very little effort much like the slipper. No one can accuse you of being sloppy when you are wearing such a cute and cheerful slipper sandal.

Melissa T Bar Sandals costs SGD85.50
Its time for the guys category in Spring Break.
They sell clothes and also accessories. This mirrored aviators are perfect for checking out girls without being detected. Actually it is also perfect for girls to check guys out without detection. I am just saying. With this silver blue cool looking aviators you can totally pull off the surfer dude look without actually doing any actual surfing.

24:01 Men's Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses costs SGD 9.00
In this heat every fashion conscious dude or even non-fashion conscious dudes with bad hair days needs a cap. And besides dudes wearing caps are sexy as hell. Just look at Nate Garner. Okay fine Nate Garner doesn't exactly count anything he wears makes him look sexy. So if you are tired of looking like every other dude on the street this cap will definitely make you stand out just try not to wear this with a floral shirt. Please. And if your girlfriend likes caps she just might borrow this one from you.

UNKUT Box Snapback costs SGD23.90
So you are a tough guy and flowers are just not your thing. I respect that how about this watch? It is actually water resistent and looks pretty cool like something out of a spy movie. You could wear this watch and go save the world or something or kick someone's ass. Either way you will look pretty bad ass with this watch.

Braun Prestige BN0106BKBTG Watch costs SGD880

Next category is Cute And Quirky for those who don't like those typical kind of styles this category has many accessories!
Is it going to rain? Is it going to be a sunny day? Not sure what accessories to wear to match you can totally try this one out!

The Quirkie Bunnie Rain or Shine Necklace will cheer up and chase away any blues. Get it for that always PMS-ing friend to cheer them up.

Quirkie Bunnie Rain or Shine Necklace costs SGD12.90
Honestly when I first saw this I was like popcorn! Than I realised its FRIES!!! Who doesn't love fries? It's not a tote bag but a clutch that you can use to store your make up, stationary, bring to fun parties, bring downstairs to buy late night snacks anywhere really to DECLARE YOUR LOVE FOR FRIES!

LUCYPOPSHOP Fries Fun Print Clutch costs SGD22.90
Apart from fries the same brand has Galloping Unicorns on a PINK background!

LUCYPOPSHOP Galloping Unicorn Fun Print Clutch Bag costs SGD22.90
I know this is random but do you want to go to Paris? Okay you have been before or you dream of going one day. These earrings may just be perfect for you. It's eiffel tower earrings! Carry your dreams of Paris or memories wherever you go :)

Paperdaise Accessories Eiffel Tower Dangle Earrings In Square Brown Topaz Couture costs SGD25.65
Remember I told you Zalora sells Valentine's Day cards? Well here it IS! So cute it is specially designed and handmade one of a kind. Price for two cards and it comes in A6 size. 

3 On Tree Valentine's Day Card Love x2 costs SGD9.80

Excited to go shopping? Well me too!

Enjoy shopping!