Monday, September 14, 2015

AdoreMe Lashes And Lingerie Challenge

I am pleased to be making collaboration with AdoreMe they have such lovely pieces of lingerie which can be paired with any kind of outfits. Do check out their web page as it is updated frequently with the latest collections.

Inspiration can be captured from anywhere you may hear a piece of music, someone's laughter, the highlight in someone's hair and bits and pieces of conversations. Both fashion and inspiration come in unexpected places.

Here is my personal take on what I would pair with the ROCK ON ensemble below. I chose this particular look because it is closest to my style wearing blue jeans and black. It is girly but also tough at the same time. I like the lace details on the lingerie as well it has pink floral and cross back design which is unique but also rather wearable when paired with both casual or formal tops.

For those who are curious on my own personal make up style here is some of the usual items I use. They include sunglasses for sunny days, glittery nail polish, lip stain both of which are from Laneige, tweezers to get rid of stray hairs, black liquid eyeliner from Clio (I find this pretty water resistant), brow pencil and ZA concealer.

Personally I don't really wear false eye lashes on a day to day basis sometimes I wear mascara but I am usually to lazy to remove it at the end of the day so I just usually wear black eyeliner with some natural eyeshadow like gold or rose coloured shadows. It is really up to you fashion should not be something people dictate to you it is a personal style that you can create for yourself.

That's all from me today.


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