Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dating And Being Single

21 July 2015

Here is my take on dating and being single. These are my own opinions if you don't agree it is okay. Just wanted to put my thoughts on the matter up.

-It's okay to be single don't have to conform to societal expectations that you MUST be attached.

-Don't settle for anything less don't feel that you have to lower your standards for anyone.

-Do not accept disrespect from anyone does not matter if he drop dead gorgeous if he disrespects you don't have to accept it you can always have the option to leave.

-Be unafraid to be yourself being real is important don't need to feel you have to change yourself to please anyone.

-You don't have to please anyone or fit into a mould to please anyone like I said be yourself.

-Do not apologise for the decisions you made to date someone or to remain single. It's nobody's business you don't have to share what goes on in your relationship with others don't feel the pressure to share it's nobody's business.

-You should not be pressured into being in a relationship with someone don't do it because you felt you had no choice. There is always a choice in life.

-Don't get desperate it is not attractive.

-Explore feel the need to grow as a person and to be open to new people in your life don't just date the stereotypical Disney Prince type of guy. Be open to new people.

-Set achievable standards for yourself and your dating partner. Definitely don't have to change your partner to suit you but rather grow together as a couple.

-If you don't value yourself how will others value you. If you devalue yourself and lack confidence know that the guy chose you out of so many people. Own it and don't feel like you don't deserve it.

-Be authentic if they cannot accept you at your worse they do not deserve you at your best. I am not saying you have to start swearing and being all drama mama simply means you can express your negative emotions not just your positive ones with your partner. Everyone has ups and downs in life.

That's all from me today have a happy day.


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