Sunday, October 04, 2015

Review On Laneige Sparkling Party Gift Set

My friends got me a gift for my birthday and I decided to make a video and a review on it. So here is the review.

I just updated this post with the video:

Sparkling Party is a Laneige gift set. There are a mixture of nail polishes, eye shadows and lip stains.
The Sparkling Glitter nail polishes come in Golden Bubble and Pink Wine. They are simple to apply and do not have a pungent smell. You can layer the nail polish on top of other polishes. Personally I like to mix and match the glitter nail polishes and alternate with other nail polishes like gold it is up to you and your own personal style.
The lip stains come in Neon Pink and Raspberry Pink the colours look pretty natural when applied. Neon Pink is much brighter than Raspberry Pink and it smells like sweets.
The gift set also comes with an eye shadow palette it is called Sparkling Dust Eyes. It comes in Pink Dust / Gold Dust. This is rather messy to apply but much easier than using loose cosmetic glitter as it comes in a palette form. You can use a brush to apply it to your eyes but the glitter can get everywhere. So you may want to apply your eye make up first before applying the foundation.

This is my FOTD as you can see the make up looks pretty natural I applied some highlight (not in the Laneige palette) to the inner corners of my eyes so that it would look brighter and more awake. I also used some brown eyeliner to complete the look. I used the pink eye shadow in this day time look.
This is another FOTD taken on another day this time with the gold eye shadow this time I paired the look with black eyeliner. I think this look is more suitable for a glamorous night out on the town but its nothing too dramatic. If you want more drama you can always add a red lip. It is completely up to you.

I want to say thank you to my friends for the gift once again. I appreciate it :)

That's all from me today.


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