Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Zalora X Air Asia BIG Points

Zalora has an earn AirAsia Big Points page.
You just have to complete your order and input BIG ID to earn points it's as simple as that.

This campaign runs from 21 September to 31 December 2015.

You can earn 1 point for each SGD1 spent.

Remember you have to be a BIG member before you can accumulate the points.

Check out Zalora's large selection of travel friendly items. From cover ups for bikinis to travel size toiletries sets. You can also choose from a wide selection of carry on bags on Zalora.

Zalora has you covered you can than use your BIG points when you travel on board Air Asia. Start planning your travel plans be it to a tropical beach or a romantic getaway the choice is yours. You can be sure to use your points wisely and also have the fun of shopping and getting points in a fuss free way. With this loyalty programme there will be even lower air fares than usual and you would have the freedom to travel wherever you want at a cost effective price. You can also redeem the points for free flights and hotel stays how awesome it that?

Some of the locations you can fly off to include: Bali to Surabaya, Bangkok, Bengaluru to Kochi, Bintulu to Kuching, Guwahati to Imphal, JB to KL, Penang to Langkawi.

You can go shopping and eating and sightseeing you can also do water sports if the adventurous streak seizes you. These places require 4500 points to go there.

If you are a few points short of BIG deals?

With a minimum of 500 BIG points you can get BIG points with cash redemptions to achieve your destination.

You can also use the payment page “Review & Redeem” on your BIG login account. Adjust the slider to determine the cash- BIG point ratio.

Another tip is to use the BIG prepaid Mastercard to pay and collect 1 BIG point for every MYR 5.

So here is to having a fuss free shopping experience and collecting BIG points along the way!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 2015 Outfit Diaries

First time doing my outfit diaries video just some outfits I pulled together randomly and the last few are what I wore to Bintan on holiday.

You can view the video here:

And below are my outfit photos you can check out :) together with the list of where I got the items.

Rainbow Child
Hoodie - Carousell
Shirt - Carousell
Spectacles - Own Days
Shorts - Malaysia

Laze by the Country Side
Cardigan - HK
Dress - Haji Lane
Shorts (underneath) - Bugis Street

Intense Epic Rainbow
Shirt- Carousell
Shorts - H&M
Cap - Carousell

Chilling in Blue
Dress / Tunic - Bali
Sunglasses - H&M

Fisherman's Wife
Dress - Bali
Sunglasses - H&M
Bikini (worn underneath) - H&M

That's all from me. Have a great day!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Wish For A Flatter Stomach


So unknown to most people except close friends I gained about 10kg unknowingly during the space of more than 6 months from like June 2013 to 27 Nov 2014.
There below are completely unphotoshopped pictures. The first photo was taken in 12 April 2013 I was 55 kg.

I know I look ridiculously skinny in this photo but I had a high metabolism rate and at a job that required lots of energy.
The second picture was taken on 1 September 2013 I had noticeably gained more weight. My weight gain could have been triggered by a metabolism rate that was slowing down as I grew older and also because I made a job switch from being an educator to being a student. My activity level dropped drastically from my instagram feed and also daily snapshots of my life during April 2013 to 3 September 2014 you can tell I mainly did manicures, pedicures and occasionally visited parks.
This was taken 24 Dec 2013 its not a bad photo but you can see my paunch and I just wanted a flatter stomach.
And in this photo taken on 3 September 2014 at that time I weighed 65kg.
The weight was mainly concentrated on my hips thighs and stomach area.

So I started my journey to become healthier and lose my tummy fat. I had not worn a bikini for more than 6 months because of my weight gain on my tummy area. The last time I wore it was on 29 May 2014.

So I decided to go on the myfitnesspal app on 27 November 2014 after recommendation from a good friend.
Now my weight is 61kg I have lost about 4kg in the space of about 5 months. Myfitnesspal recommended that I be on the 1300 calorie per day diet. Most of the exercise I did was running and swimming. In addition I went on the 30 day challenge.
So this has been mainly my exercise routine. I also used the old version of Fitness Blender app to do some exercises. You can check out their videos and their latest app. And on top of that I was eating out with friends which you can see my instagram feed again. Not the healthiest choices but I was not prepared to sacrifice my love for food just to lose a couple of kilos. I keyed in my meals regularly for about 2-3months than I started slacking off because by than you can tell roughly how much your calories are just by the foods you normally eat.

Foods I normally ate were:
Wanton Mee - 407 calories
Mos Burger (Fish) - 407 calories
Subway 6 inch either cold cut or ham - 360 calories (cold cut) and 269 calories (ham)

So anyway here is my weight lost diary:
27 November 2014 - 65kg
2 December 2014 - 64kg
7 December 2014 - 65kg
19 December 2014 - 64kg
13 February 2015 - 63kg
11 March 2015 - 62kg
20 April 2015 - 61kg

So anyway you can see that although the beginning part of the weight lost programme took longer and the weight fluctuated a bit the rest of the time weight just dropped rather systematically 1kg each month.

I am not trying to say that all people who try this method to lose weight will have same results. I am just sharing with you my weight loss journey.

I am not aiming to be stick thin either just want to lose the tummy fat. That's ALL.

So anyway here is some pictures of before I have eaten and after. I have taken this photos because I don't have actual pictures from when I was 65kg showing just my stomach so this is just an approximation of how large my stomach was when I weighed 65kg. (Note: if this is how big my stomach can get after eating when I weigh 62kg at that time photo was taken you can only guess how big it was when it was when I was 65kg!). The after picture is when I was weighing 61kg about 2 hours had passed after eating breakfast.

I guess to lose tummy fat you just have to be persevering and do give myfitnesspal a try!

So stay healthy and exercise well!


Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali! Heading to makan at friend's place with mom :)


Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Simple Electric Blue Anime Eyes

25 October 2015

I did up some make up look with electric blue eyeliner have not done a make up tutorial in a long time so thought of just putting this one up.

Just click the picture below to watch it :)

To make the look more night time appropriate you can apply a darker lipstick or a bright one depending on your mood. For more information on products used you can also check out the description bar in the youtube video.

I have listed some products below as well:

ZA Two Way Foundation
Nyx Runway Collection Palette with Purple
Rimmel Electric Blue Eye liner
Clio Liquid Black Eye Liner
Daiso Eye Brow Pencil in Brown
Small Angled Brush from Guardian

Suggested lip colours:
Laniege Lip Stain in Neon Pink
Silky Girl Moisture Rich Lip Stick in Inspiration

You can also add coloured lens to make it more anime I could not because my coloured lens have given me some problems so I am on normal lens for now. I hope to go back to coloured lens some day. For actual pictures of the make up look click here.

That's all from me today.


Tuesday, November 03, 2015

What's In My Bag Tag

Wanted to do a video just for fun. What's in my bag tag. Basically I got this bag from H&M and here is me just talking about what I like to carry around with me. Click the image below to watch the video :)
I enjoy carrying a variety of lipsticks with me to transform a day time look into a night time appropriate look. Carrying a red lipstick is a must for me and I also like to switch up lip colours from time to time.

I also like spacious bags with a strap that can be easily placed on the shoulder.

That's all from me.


Some Make Up Looks from October

25 October 2015

I created some make up looks and decided to photograph it. Basically very simple just a purple eye shadow on the inner parts of the eye and black winged liner.
I also added in blue eye liner to make the look more electric :) the brand is from Rimmel.
28 October 2015

This is more vintage inspired look I think I used rose gold shadow and plum eye liner for this look I also used some pink glitter liner on the inner tear ducts of my eyes from Holika Holika

I had on some lipstick from Silky Girl Moisture Rich range I think it was Vamp or Inspiration I cannot quite remember.

Anyway this look is super natural you can add any kind of lip colour to match this look either digitally or manually. It is up to you :)