Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Wish For A Flatter Stomach


So unknown to most people except close friends I gained about 10kg unknowingly during the space of more than 6 months from like June 2013 to 27 Nov 2014.
There below are completely unphotoshopped pictures. The first photo was taken in 12 April 2013 I was 55 kg.

I know I look ridiculously skinny in this photo but I had a high metabolism rate and at a job that required lots of energy.
The second picture was taken on 1 September 2013 I had noticeably gained more weight. My weight gain could have been triggered by a metabolism rate that was slowing down as I grew older and also because I made a job switch from being an educator to being a student. My activity level dropped drastically from my instagram feed and also daily snapshots of my life during April 2013 to 3 September 2014 you can tell I mainly did manicures, pedicures and occasionally visited parks.
This was taken 24 Dec 2013 its not a bad photo but you can see my paunch and I just wanted a flatter stomach.
And in this photo taken on 3 September 2014 at that time I weighed 65kg.
The weight was mainly concentrated on my hips thighs and stomach area.

So I started my journey to become healthier and lose my tummy fat. I had not worn a bikini for more than 6 months because of my weight gain on my tummy area. The last time I wore it was on 29 May 2014.

So I decided to go on the myfitnesspal app on 27 November 2014 after recommendation from a good friend.
Now my weight is 61kg I have lost about 4kg in the space of about 5 months. Myfitnesspal recommended that I be on the 1300 calorie per day diet. Most of the exercise I did was running and swimming. In addition I went on the 30 day challenge.
So this has been mainly my exercise routine. I also used the old version of Fitness Blender app to do some exercises. You can check out their videos and their latest app. And on top of that I was eating out with friends which you can see my instagram feed again. Not the healthiest choices but I was not prepared to sacrifice my love for food just to lose a couple of kilos. I keyed in my meals regularly for about 2-3months than I started slacking off because by than you can tell roughly how much your calories are just by the foods you normally eat.

Foods I normally ate were:
Wanton Mee - 407 calories
Mos Burger (Fish) - 407 calories
Subway 6 inch either cold cut or ham - 360 calories (cold cut) and 269 calories (ham)

So anyway here is my weight lost diary:
27 November 2014 - 65kg
2 December 2014 - 64kg
7 December 2014 - 65kg
19 December 2014 - 64kg
13 February 2015 - 63kg
11 March 2015 - 62kg
20 April 2015 - 61kg

So anyway you can see that although the beginning part of the weight lost programme took longer and the weight fluctuated a bit the rest of the time weight just dropped rather systematically 1kg each month.

I am not trying to say that all people who try this method to lose weight will have same results. I am just sharing with you my weight loss journey.

I am not aiming to be stick thin either just want to lose the tummy fat. That's ALL.

So anyway here is some pictures of before I have eaten and after. I have taken this photos because I don't have actual pictures from when I was 65kg showing just my stomach so this is just an approximation of how large my stomach was when I weighed 65kg. (Note: if this is how big my stomach can get after eating when I weigh 62kg at that time photo was taken you can only guess how big it was when it was when I was 65kg!). The after picture is when I was weighing 61kg about 2 hours had passed after eating breakfast.

I guess to lose tummy fat you just have to be persevering and do give myfitnesspal a try!

So stay healthy and exercise well!


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