Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Simple Electric Blue Anime Eyes

25 October 2015

I did up some make up look with electric blue eyeliner have not done a make up tutorial in a long time so thought of just putting this one up.

Just click the picture below to watch it :)

To make the look more night time appropriate you can apply a darker lipstick or a bright one depending on your mood. For more information on products used you can also check out the description bar in the youtube video.

I have listed some products below as well:

ZA Two Way Foundation
Nyx Runway Collection Palette with Purple
Rimmel Electric Blue Eye liner
Clio Liquid Black Eye Liner
Daiso Eye Brow Pencil in Brown
Small Angled Brush from Guardian

Suggested lip colours:
Laniege Lip Stain in Neon Pink
Silky Girl Moisture Rich Lip Stick in Inspiration

You can also add coloured lens to make it more anime I could not because my coloured lens have given me some problems so I am on normal lens for now. I hope to go back to coloured lens some day. For actual pictures of the make up look click here.

That's all from me today.


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