Monday, February 08, 2016

City Chain Watches from Zalora

In all honesty I do not wear watches. But after looking through the latest City Link watch selections on Zalora I feel very much like wearing some of these beauties. They have a selection for men and women so let's get started.

Furthermore you get 10% off the rate when you quote the promo code: CITYCHAIN10 on selected watches. (Valid at the time of this post conceptualisation).
Soleil et Titus
Women's Half Ceramic Crystal Analog Quartz Watch
SGD 445.50
This gorgeous watch matches just about everything with its simple and classy design. The crystals encircle the watch face and give it an elegant appeal. Perfect for the woman who wants to look sophisticated but elegant at the same time.
Guess Watches 
Guess Ladies' Watch
This watch is simple yet understated you can wear it with your other jewellery during a red tie event and look put together. You can also pair it with a simple red silk dress and look radiant and classy. Match this with silver heels for a more festive touch as silver is always on trend.
Super dry Ladies' Watch
This is one sporty watch to be worn while out about town running errands or to some fun party. You can add a pop of pink to any mundane outfit. It also makes a perfect birthday present for your friends who like the sporty girly vibes.
Simple Danish Design Analogue Watch
This is for your zen and minimalistic friend. The kind who does yoga in the morning and eats oatmeal for breakfast. It is simple understated yet minimalist. No need for numbers to tell the time you can just glance at the watch and know what is coming up next on your schedule.
Guess Watches
Guess Ladies' Watch
This watch a mother of pearl background (don't know if its real mother of pearl or not) but it is looks just lovely. The pastel colours calm and sooth while the metallic silver matches any outfit or jewellery pieces maybe except gold as wearing silver and gold needs finesse. Not everyone can pull it off but nevertheless this watch will match just about anything.
Angel Heart
Leather Quartz Watch
This watch is great for wearing to parties or simply to dates where you want a fresh girly appeal. You can pair it with jeans or skirt and heels for a fun girly vibe. The gradient numbers on the watch face give it a interesting and appealing character. You will be hard pressed to find such a unique watch design.
Chronograph Date Watch
For the man who likes a tough and manly watch you can totally go for this one. You can wear it with jeans and leather and look totally bad ass. As a girl let me tell you we girls notice watches especially this kind of watch piece which sends the signal that you are one tough and secure guy. 
Solvil et Titus
Men's Leather Strap Mechanical Chronograph Watch
Do you want to send out the signal that you are a rich guy? If you like people to think that you are rich and have a classic sort of character this watch is for you. Understated but elegant this watch will give a guy the classic vibe he wants while sending the signal that he has taste and enjoys the well made time piece.
Swiss Made Gent's Chronograph Watch
Up your promotional prospects with this no nonsense time piece. It is sleek, black and silver with adjustable knobs. The swiss made design ensures you are in a class of your own. Everyone knows Swiss made time pieces are better than most watches with it's exact and precise clock work designs. You can be assured this piece will last a lifetime.
Isn't these watches worth an investment you can be sure there are designs for everyone.


Sunday, February 07, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year 2016!

Happy new year! Celebrating at my Aunt's place with my third steamboat of the year!

How did you spend your new year?