Friday, April 15, 2016

Recommended Crime Thriller Books April 2016

I am a literature student which means ALOT of reading occasionally I like to read something besides Shakespeare's plays or James Joyce novels. This includes Crime Thrillers these days a step up from the days when I read Enid Blyton Five Find Outers and Famous Five books.

Here are some of my favourites:
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The Woman With A Gun by Phillip Margolin 
Perfect pacing and unexpected twists the master of Crime Thrillers can easily go to Margolin. He creates a villain so cunning and devious you can never guess it would be her or him. I will not spoil the story for you but it revolves around this photo of a woman in a wedding dress carrying a gun. Almost anyone can be expected to be the murderer the top suspects have a history that could imply them to be the murderer when it is finally revealed the ending is surprising.

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The Firm by John Grisham
This is not a new novel but I had to add it to the list mix lawyers and crime and you get a great punch.  McDeere is gorgeous has a beautiful wife and lives the American Dream until he suspects his law firm he is working for is in cahoots with the mafia. The American Dream is quickly turned into a living nightmare as he is followed and even his telephone tapped. Even more frightening he is videoed in his own bedroom. Nowhere is safe he has to find a way out of this situation than to add more complexity to the situation the FBI contacts him and asks him to play dangerous role, being a double agent. Will he get out of this alive?

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Wild Justice By Phillip Margolin
Another book by Margolin. This time it is more grisly and gory. The novel starts off with a missing heart than progresses into a twisted tale of murders and an amputated body parts. The use of characters with a medical background and a killer who is cruel beyond belief who takes pleasure in inflicting pain and recording down journals of his experiments. Anyone could be the killer there are a list of suspects and as the fingers point from one to the other the ending is a surprise when a character who hardly gets much mention turns out to be the murderer. This is one wild roller coaster ride and what happens to the murderer is at once unsettling and will leave an impression long after the book ends.

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The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
I know this book is also not new but it had to make it on my list. A compelling heroine at once talented and intelligent but terribly vulnerable. She makes you want to root for her from the start to the end. Violent and unsettling there are scenes which will fill you with horror but her ability to turn it around and to seek vengeance on those who wrong her is a form of catharsis. One of the first books of a series the first one is an explosion of violence, terror and resolution. 

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The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie
If reading grisly and violent books is not your cup of tea you will take a welcome breather with a classic from Agatha Christie. A recommended book for people who want a novel which has a basic plot several possible murderers and is a locked room murder mystery. A murder occurs when poison is added into the victim's coffee. Plenty of people could gain from her death and so the investigation continues. Compact and a real page turner this is perfect for rainy afternoons or snowy wintry nights curling infront of a fire place.

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Cry, Baby, Cry by G.F. Bale
A child has gone missing snatched from a swing. Time is running out a psychic is called in to aid the police in the investigation. The kidnapper is even closer than expected and the ending is at once a surprising and unexpected twist. This book has a moderate amount of unsettling scenes but nothing as gory or grisly as some of the earlier novels. It is a perfect book for people who don't like too much violent or gory scenes but want something with a good pacing and a psychic twist. 

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Remember When by Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb
Good pacing and excellent storyline this book has got compelling characters and racy sex scenes. Perfect for reading on the train or on the bus. Mixture of romance and crime perfect for people who like some of that chick lit element with their crime books. The heroine is brilliant, beautiful and relentless when it comes to climax scenes. She outsmarts the villain and gets hitched to a gorgeous and equally compatible guy. Everyone loves a happy ending.

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Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich
Okay so you don't like too serious going crime thrillers but you do like some romance and comedy. This book is for you. Not only is it smart and sassy it is also a kick ass roller coaster ride. The heroine is likeable and funny and the villains are straight out from comedy ville. It is hard to take someone who looks like Spongebob seriously. Anyway there are plenty of kissing scenes for the romantic in you and also plenty of humour and light hearted moments. This book is great for the beach or for any sort of vacation where you need to leave your brain behind and just enjoy the ride.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Shop at L'Occitane

Are you in need of a pampering session? Do you need to revitalise and rejuvenate yourself? Than you have come to the right place. L'Occitane is much more accessible now that they sell online! You can be sure to get plenty of goodies for your skin. L'Occitane is launching on Zalora and you can be sure to get plenty of goodies for your skin. Indulge in some nice pampering for your hands, face and body. There are four collections to choose from the Aromachologie Collection, Almond Collection, Shea Butter Collection and Cherry Blossom Collection. The fragrances is incredible and the richness of the product is just perfect for your skin. L'Occitane is famous for their fragrance and their impeccable packaging that comes with the product. It is all so attractive you can even give some as gifts to friends.

Hand Cream Trio Set SGD42 - 30ml
This one is super pretty and comes in a tin box. They have Shea Butter Hand Cream, Roses et Reines Hand and Nail Cream and Pivoile Flora Hand Cream. All three are 30 ml each can last you for the next few months or you can give it to your BFFs and have manicure session together after that just spread this hand cream on your hands and smell awesome!

 Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream SGD70 - 200ml This is such an indulgence for the body you can be sure to enjoy and just spread it over any dry patches for instant relief. Scoop out some and put it in a travel size container and carry it when you go travelling. Especially when you go to wintery countries this will be such a god send. You can just apply to elbows and knees where the wind is the harshest and come out with ultra smooth skin.

Peony Perfecting Cream SGD67 - 50ml This is a 24 hour moisturising product. Great for skin that is dry and needs rehydration. At the time of this publication there is only one product left. So don't kick me if it's sold out by the time you get to it. This testifies to how effective this product is and who does not want to smell like a peony? Please even if you don't buy the product just go visit the store and have a sniff of this amazing moisturiser. Spread some on your face and arms if the sales staff are not looking go ahead I won't judge.

Aroma Rebalancing Shower Gel SGD33 - 250ml This one is an exfoliating shower gel made with purifying essential oils. Great for tired skin that needs a perk me up. You can lather it in the shower or go all out by using a brush to scrub the skin. Promise you after that your skin is going to be so smooth. Your husband will thank you for it *winks*. The great thing about it is its not suppose to be drying unlike some exfoliating gels so it won't leave skin with that plastic-like feeling. You can be sure to have super smooth skin after but still I would probably add some moisturiser on top after using this product just to pamper myself more.