Sunday, July 31, 2016

18 June - 21 June 2016 Vietnam Trip

This is my first trip to Vietnam and it was really fun!

We went to so many places including a museum, Ho Chi Minh House and a cruise along Halong bay. It was a scenic and relaxing tour we booked with ASA. So far it has been a breeze travelling with them. There was a variety of different tourists from around the globe travelling with us. It was a great experience meeting people from various walks of life including a man who worked in the cinema setting up the film reels. He watched many movies in his time working there we also met other tourists including students and solo travellers.

The food was great too we got to try out a cooking class on board the cruise and also kayak around the area in halong bay. There was also the surprising cave we visited where there were many figures and shapes appearing in the caves formed over many years. I have compiled a video of the tour although I did not manage to film in the Confucius temple of Literature but I did take photos in there so you may go to the photo album linked in this blog post.

If you have not watched the video you can do so here:
You can also view all my photos by clicking the image below:
Hope you have a good week ahead!


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