Saturday, July 16, 2016

Les Miserables June 2016

9 June 2016

Went for Les Miserables musical and it was such a great musical to watch. The acting was impeccable and the singing was on point.

The characters were memorable and I particularly liked Corsette. The singing by her was sweet and pleasing to the ear she was delicate and dainty as Corsette.

One moment that stood out for me was Fantine's singing as well for I dreamed a dream. It was an emotional moment.

Other moments that stood out included when Gavroche was shot they cleverly blocked him off with the barricade and we could only hear his singing just when he climbs back in view he is shot in a heart wrenching moment but the scene continues and we see his body lying dead on the stage.

Another moment included when Inspector Javert kills himself and the stage transforms into this whirling pool of water as he descends slowly into it. The stage work was ingenious and innovative.

I will remember this play for a long time to come I bought the concert DVD for $30 and music CD for $20. It was a good buy and a memento of the night at the musical.


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