Thursday, July 07, 2016

Shop for L'Oreal Paris on Zalora

I am back with another post. This time on L'Oreal products. We have a variety of products from eye shadows to serums to sunblock. Not forgetting the men as well we have facial products for them and lots more on the L'Oreal website.

L'Oreal Paris La Palette Nude Rose for SGD24.90
Starting with this star product which is selling fast at the time of this publication. It comes with shimmery and matte colours for you to play around with do a smokey eye or a simple make up look with a cat winged eyeliner. The palette size is just right for travelling as well so you can always look your best wherever you go.

L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Rejuvenating Eye Essence For SGD29.50
Have visibly tired looking skin around the eye area? This essence is for you you can put it on under make up or before you go to bed and wake up with visibly brighter eyes. The Youth Code line has been the holy grail for so many ladies. So take the plunge and use this product it too is selling fast at the time of this publication going up online so hurry!

L'Oreal Paris Advanced UV Perfect Aqua Essence SPF50 For SGD16.70
This item boasts high SPF and can last you the entire day. It comes in a easy to carry bottle and can be carried in your make up bag for touch ups during the day not that you will need any with this durable sunblock. It promises to boost skin elasticity and firmness and combat aging spots not bad for a product below SGD20!

L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Hair Volcano Deep Shampoo For SGD 15.90
This product promises to fight five problems with the hair while maintaining scalp health. Curious about what problems it can combat one of it is dandruff two is purifying and the others you can hop onto the website and check out what other issues this shampoo can resolve!

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Filler Cushion Cream For SGD45.90
Who says men don't want firmer and wrinkle free skin. This product boasts the ability to restore both to the skin. You will notice reduced wrinkle and firmer skin after application. This is also a hot seller and may be sold out at the time of this publication so what are you waiting for?

L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Pure & Matte Anti Blocked Pores Scrub For SGD11.90
Have stubborn black heads and rough skin you may simply need a good scrub. This product promises to give you matte skin and remove blocked pores it is suitable for combination to oily skin. But do not exfoliate too much like everyday if you have oily skin as it can cause more secretion of oils. Once or twice a week should do the trick.
I have some close to the end of this post so if you are interested in getting some good offers and L'Oreal products you know where to go.

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