Monday, August 29, 2016

Flea Market at Lucky Plaza August 2016

Flea market at Lucky Plaza on 27 August 2016 was an interesting experience. Here are my thoughts on it. If you are keen to let go of your clothes at the best possible price please avoid this flea at all costs. Most of the people here are Filipino maids who want to get the most bang for their buck. 

So starting price had to be like $5 and below and by the end of the day it was as low as $0.50 for one piece of clothing.

Rental was about $107 total shared with a friend. I just managed to cover my half of the rental not calculating the cost of the transport. 

Started out selling items for $5-$8 but by the end it was $1 for one piece. Made heavy losses considering some of the items had never been worn or worn only one time.

Set aside some of the clothes that can be sold for higher price on Carousell. At least people there are willing to pay $10 for good quality pieces. 

Will not be selling with Lucky Plaza unless my clothes are really worth $1 each and I just want to clear it at cut throat price. You are better off donating the clothes to charity or selling on Carousell.

Yes it is as cramped as it looks hardly at place to sit just could stand for most of the time. Important to keep hydrated by a big bottle of water to drink through the whole day. This saves money and also eat a heavy breakfast before going you will not have time to go for lunch unless you get a whole bunch of people to rotate shift with. Than you have to split your earnings with them and if they are selling clothes there too let's say 5 people you will not have space for their clothes on the table. You have to rotate with 5 people's clothes through the day you only have 1pm to 7pm time there you do the maths.

Was there a space for a rail? Nope it was too cramped you have to queue super early to get the tables with space for a rail. If you are not willing to get up so early just leave your rail at home, you can save space on hangers and bring more clothes.

I hope this review helps some of you in planning your fleas.

Have a good week!


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