Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Working Out With Dumbbells

The chinese new year is almost over and so here is a workout video!

It is my first work out video I did focusing on using dumbbells you can adjust and use heavier dumbbells for your own routine.

I have since switched to these neoprene ones I got from qoo10 website.

What is the difference between neoprene and vinyl you may ask?

Well as a dumbbells non-expert I researched a little and discovered that vinyl gets sticky as you sweat and use it it also attracts dust. Whereas the neoprene one remains dry as you exercise and does not attract dust the surface is not as sticky compared to the vinyl one. Neoprene costs more but is a better investment if you intend to use weights for a long time.

One tip for people that do not like to exercise is to get attractive workout gear. Places that I like to get workout gear include Cotton On and H&M. I usually buy the sales item since I don't want to spend a bomb on workout clothes and I don't own any gym membership. Exercise in these clothes so that you associate workouts with it. Than when you are feeling unmotivated and you wear the exercise clothes and just spend your day going about your routine you will slot in exercise time automatically. Your mind has already been tuned into working out when you wear these exercise clothes. Alternatively you can use music to condition your body to work out so every time you play this tune you will think of working out.

If you still cannot get motivated to work out slot in 1 or 2 minute workouts such as doing 20 squats, 20 reverse crunches or 20 waist twist exercise all spaced out throughout your day. These exercises require no equipment and you do not need to leave home to do it.

Actually all my exercises do not require you to leave home to do it but if you prefer working out outdoors its an option for you you can use the weights available in the gym. I also like to get a bottle of water ready to stay hydrated during my work out.

Have a great day! Stay healthy and hydrated!